Feeling: Lazy

I am feeling extremely lazy today.  I wanted to go walk but the couch called my name instead.  So I took a nap this morning.  Getting up at 5:45am is not the perk of my day.  I am not a morning person at all.  On top of that I have been sick for over 3 weeks now.  It is really taking a toll on me.  I guess it is good to get some rest, I obviously needed it.  There is just so much I could have gotten done instead.

I hate days when Joe is home during the day from work, I would rather him work 7-3 than 3-11.  Not even for the obvious reason of 3-11 is crappy shift where he misses out on most of the days events (homework, dinner, bath and bedtime), but because I am lazy when hes around.  He sits around and does nothing so I follow suit.  Its not good for my house!  Luckily at this point the house is still pretty clean from when we cleaned it together Saturday.  Laundry does need to be done, there are a few dishes in the sink, and I guess the floor could use vacuuming, but otherwise not too much.  He leaves at 145, that gives me an hour and half before Jaryn gets home to get stuff done.  Then Jaiden and Jaisek get home around 4:30.

I should probably be working on my school midterms right now.  I have quite a bit to do for them.  We leave for vacation in 17 days, I would like to have either really good grades so I can afford to miss participation for a week, or some weekly assignment work done ahead so that I can take time to participate without losing too much vacation time.  I guess I should get to work...

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  1. i was directed here from for love of my oceans. i must say, having daddy home during the day just messes everything up for some reason! more mess, more craziness, more laziness- just more, more, more. welcome to blogging!