Soooo tired....

Of being sick!  I have had a cold for over a month now, it was really bad for 3 weeks I couldn’t taste or smell anything, deprived me of sleep, and thoroughly annoyed me.  It started out a sore throat and a fever, then a bad cold.  Then Friday I again developed a fever, Saturday woke up with a horrible sore throat and fever all day.  Spent the day in bed, Joe cleaned the entire house - he wanted his video game back, I almost didn’t give it to him still! But I figured I was lying in bed and he did take the initiative to clean the entire house - dishes, vacuum, mop, and all laundry washed, folded and put away...so he kind of deserved it!  So as you can guess I had a very boring weekend.
I was very stressed Saturday because as usual I had procrastinated school all week and almost didn’t get attendance for the week.  I perked up for a few minutes and did manage to post a DQ (Daily Question) answer in each class, then was stressing because I knew I had to finish my midterms yesterday and was afraid I’d still be sick.  Well, I woke up fever free.  I took some antibiotics I had here and they apparently are killing whatever was wrong with me.  I am not sure it maybe it is strep or sinus infection.  My nose is still stuffy, throat still hurts, but at least I have no fever!
Enough about that…
Joe went out with his brother Friday night.  I was quite proud of myself!!  My ex husband destroyed most trust I have in men, but I know that Joe is not him.  Still if Joe went out I would normally be all knotty bellied and not be able to sleep.  I’m sure that being sick helped with the sleeping part but I was not even nervous, or knotty bellied at all.  It was his first time going out in over 2 yrs without me.  He went out a couple of times when we first got together and it was always a difficult thing for me.  It probably helped that he was out with his brothers and sisters, who all think I am the best thing since sliced bread =) so he couldn't really get away with anything. hahahah jk.  None the less I was pretty proud of myself for being okay with the situation.  I go out without him as I please, so it was actually nice to be able to send him out without me for a change.  
Sunday is football day.  Joe is a major Raiders fan.  So we have to hook the computer to the TV and watch the games that way.  Living in NY they are not on regular TV.  The last 10 minutes of the game we ended up watching in Spanish because it was the only site that was working at that point!  It was quite humerous!  We ordered wings for dinner...and enjoyed some time for just the two of us - Maia left at 1 and the boys were with their dad this weekend.  [Side Note: Poor Maia was sick when she left, ended up she had a UTI.  It went bad very quickly, she never communicated that it hurt to pee or anything.  She actually complained more about her throat hurt and I was afraid I spread my germs to her.  Her mom says she is feeling better today now that she is on antibiotics.  I am glad, she was pretty sick.   /end SN]  After the boys came home and got to bed Joe and I watched Desperate Housewives together.  It was good :-D  I think its so funny that no matter what show Joe and I watch he gets very mad at the end because we have to wait a week to see the next episode!  What does he expect?  How many years has he been watching TV?  It's as if he doesn't know this is the case!
This is probably the most boring blog post ever.  I was just feeling accomplished because I actually got a days worth of school done by 2 pm on MONDAY!!  I need to go find some dinner ideas...I like the ingredient option at allrecipes because I can put in the ingredients I have and get ideas from there!

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  1. I have seen more boring blog posts. By the way I may have the games you guys are looking for since I have dish network but I don't know since I always skip any channels that have sports. Thank you for the beautiful coment on my blog. I'd love to tell you where I got the beautiful dress but alas they don't sell two of anything at salvo so I'm pretty sure it won't help :) love your guts! Glad your feeling better.