Quick vent on being a mom....

There are a few things I know now that if I knew at 17 I probably wouldn't have 3 boys, or at least they wouldn't be their same ages.  And yes I am sure ppl mentioned these things to me, but I didn't really KNOW them to be true until it happened...

First of all, its obvious to all that when your baby is a baby you will not sleep, but you dont know that when they are older you still wont sleep.  Maybe I'm 'special' but I NEVER sleep the way I did before kids.  Sometimes I can't sleep because of stress, whether that be over an irrational fear the house is gonna catch on fire, Christmas shopping, or an instant OMG did Jaryn put his homework in his bookbag? --Damn that reminds me...its one of the boys library days and none of them took their book, though I did remind them that whoever had library today needed to get their book in their bag last night.  Sometimes its because the kids are making noises, or Jaisek is making his way into my bed, which leaves me squished in the middle between him and Joe, not able to roll or stretch or spread in any direction, and my arm falling asleep because he insists his head has to lay on it.  And sometimes its because me or the kids are sick, or a combination of me and kids!

Second, when your sick you dont get to call anybody and say, "Hey, I'm not feeling well.  I wont be in today."  If I don't 'show up' to work, the kids don't get to school, the house is a mess, dinner wont get cooked, and my kids would drive me insane with their constant bickering over the dumbest thing you can think of.

Which brings me to the third...why the hell do kids have to fight over EVERYTHING?  It drives me crazy.  I dont know how to stop it, and it is the MOST annoying thing in the world to me.

Four, and I'm pretty sure nobody even bother to MENTION this one to me....everytime you sneeze, cough, vomit, laugh, or move wrong without holding certain muscles or positioning your legs correctly, you will pee yourself a little.

And so that brings me to five...which pretty much sums up my morning so far and its only 7:48am...when you are sick, sleep deprived, underwear slightly damp and your kids start fighting at 6:15 am, you may be a little harder on them than you normally would and your going to feel like shit about it ALL day until they come home and you can hug them.  THEN your going to break down and cry for 20 minutes and your 'partner' isn't going to have a clue why because he was sleeping soundly all night, and got up just in time to go to work himself!

So while I wait on all of them to get home, I am going to attempt to sleep, and whether or not that happens and I can extend the (pushing it here) 2 hours of sleep that I have so far, I do not plan to do laundry, clean the house, or leave the couch for that matter...unless it is to pee....or change my panties because I coughed too much!

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  1. Your so funny and true. No one EVER told me about peeing myself and my husband thinks it's so funny when I cross my legs, no matter what I am doing, when I sneeze. I often have these notorious sneeze attacks that last at least 15 powerful sneezes in a row. I'd probably laugh at the sight of me too except that I'm pretty sure my poor panties would be doomed! PS I hear there is a tropical depression heading up the coast, maybe we should check it out?