is killing my GPA!!!  UGHH why do I have to be such a procrastinator.  I still have to do my midterms!  They are due Sunday, and I garantee they will get done SUNDAY!  I'm horrible with this.  I used to be soo good with school when I started, now I dread it.  Maybe its my classes.  They haven't been very interesting.  One is slightly interesting - my media and culture class.  Otherwise I just have no desire.  I need to snap out of it.  Okay my self induced vent is out of the way....

Fall is my favorite time of year.  I love the changing colors, the cool weather, and the crockpot cooking!  It seems every year that the leaves change sooner than the last.  They are green one week and gone off the trees the next!  Today however is supposed to hit 90...where is my 65 that I love so??

Joe and I had a HUGE stupid fight the other day. (He was playing video games, I thought he should get up and help me clean)  It was pretty intense and ridiculous.  I don't know why I am such a control freak.  I notice, and aknowledge it, yet I don't know how to change it.   The smallest things bother me, and everything has to be done my way on my command.  I must be hard to live with.  I sometimes wonder how much more of me our relationship can withstand!  Not to say he is perfect, oh no...not by any means.  But the honest truth is the majority of our issues could be handled differently, or avoided completely if I had better control of my emotions and actually communicated my feelings.   In the end we did discuss a few things, which is good.  I feel like we are at a point in our relationship where we've gotten to really know each other, and now we are learning how to deal with each other?   I think it is the more difficult stage. Hopefully once we get past this stage it will be a smooth path.
We leave for vacation in 15 days!!  The countdown has officially began!  We are going to Myrtle, we got an ocean front condo at Compass Cove.  The kids are super excited!  Especially Maia because she has never been to the beach.  We leave on her birthday so she is convinced its all for her.  She's such a 'princess' she swears everything is for her!  She is also convinced that Jaisek is her 'prince charming' and they will be married some day!

On the way back from Myrtle we are stopping in Durham, NC for the night and attending an informal picnic for Donor Families and Recipients.  We haven't been to the picnics yet.  Every April we go to the banquet version that honors donor families and recipients.  My little brother was an organ donor.  He donated everything but his eyes.

My kids just got home from school, yes its 10:38am!  They had to do an emergency closing of the school because of vandalism that occurred overnight.  Sad really!! They broke windows, and glass is every where, and then cranked up the heater so that its sweltering inside.   Why would someone do this?  It was at the elementary school - preK to 3rd, so they wouldn't even get to miss school over this, what is the point?

I guess I should post some pics...

The boys. (Jaisek, Jaiden, Jaryn)
Maia and Jaisek @ Darien Lake.
First day of school. (Jaryn, Jaiden, Jaisek)

So now you have a face with all of the names I blog of! 

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  1. cute pics! Love your official county down. If it wasnt for you I would lose count all the time. Just for the record I have observed you and joe's fights personally (and even counciled a few, lol) and I'm quite sure you two are going to make it for the long haul! Everyone has their fights, but you two seem a bit better for each of them, unlike some of us. Computer is dying gtg. Good luck on the midterms, think procrastination must be a capricorn thing!